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  • Why should you chose an in-home pet sitter/house sitter?
    Dorothy said it best, 'There’s no place like home!' Boarding facilities and doggy daycares are wonderful in their own way and definitely provide a much needed service, but we can probably all agree that there is nothing quite like curling up in your own bed (or on your owner’s couch or bed!), playing in your own backyard, and being surrounded by the creature comforts of your own home - especially when your humans are away! Having an in-home pet sitter or house sitter also provides peace of mind, knowing that someone is at your home, checking in on the little things while you’re away - grabbing the mail so it doesn’t pile up, watering the plants so they don't keel over, keeping an eye on the house in general so it doesn't fall down, and, of course, ensuring your pet is having the best, safest, most comfortable time possible while you're away.
  • What types of pets do you care for?
    I'm most accustomed to caring for domesticated pets such as dogs, cats, & small household pets (i.e. birds, bunnies, hamsters, etc.), however I am open to caring for a variety of pets. If you have an animal that falls outside of this scope, please feel free to reach out and we can discuss your specific needs to see if a partnership would be a good fit.
  • What cities fall within your service area?
    Lakewood, Rocky River, Gordon Square, Ohio City, Tremont, Bratenahl and other areas (Fairview Park, West Park, Avon, Bay Village) depending on availability & drive time. Clients outside of my service zone will be charged an extra drive time fee depending on the distance. *We do not service Downtown Cleveland or far East, South, West side suburbs.
  • What are your hours of operation?
    We take bookings 24/7, 365 days a year. Please contact me to discuss your specific needs.
  • How To Book & What is your Cancellation Policy?
    Bookings & Cancellations: It is understood emergencies happen last minute, however these dates and times are specifically being held for you and your pet, so please understand that Sarah the Sitter is turning down other clients in the meantime. Thank you for being amazing clients and understanding the challenges of being a small business! *Sarah The Sitter, LLC reserves the right to waive or adjust this clause on a case by case basis. BOOKING & CANCELING DAILY WALKS & PET SITTING SERVICES: To book daily dog walking/ad hoc pet care services, clients can book as far in advance as they wish. For example, if the client has their work schedule months in advance and are confident they want to book a dog walk every M,W and F for the next two months, for example, then they can book for that entirety if they are confident in their schedule. A Venmo invoice will be sent and payment is due upon time of booking. Cancellations for daily dog walking/ad hoc pet care services require 7 days notice. To cancel, the client should text Sarah the Sitter at 216-396-0123 and request cancellation. If canceled within the required 7 days, a full refund will be given to the client. If not canceled within 7 days, the client forfeits the visit cost. In the very rare instance that clients need to cancel an ENTIRE month or more of daily dog walking/ad hoc pet care services for whatever reason, they have 5 days from the day they booked to do so otherwise they will forfeit 50% of the cost of the entire booking. Please try to avoid large cancellations such as this. If the schedule has changed drastically for some reason, please reach out to Sarah the Sitter as soon as possible to discuss and see what can be done. BOOKING & CANCELING VACATION SERVICES To book vacation visits longer than 3 days consecutively, the client will work directly with Sarah The Sitter through text 216-396-0123 to confirm a schedule and receive a quote. A 50% deposit is required to hold your booking. The remaining 50% balance will be due at the start of service. However, the client can always choose to pay in full at the time of booking. Cancellations for vacation visits/overnight visits are as follows: the client must provide at least THREE WEEKS NOTICE so Sarah the Sitter, LLC can attempt to reschedule those dates and times with another client. If three weeks’ notice is given, the 50% deposit will be returned to the client but a 25% cancellation fee of the total visit amount will be kept by Sarah the Sitter. For example, if the total visit was $300 and the client paid $150 deposit to hold the spot, Sarah the Sitter will refund the client $75 of the deposit and will keep the remaining $75 as the cancellation fee. If anything less than three weeks’ notice is given, the client will forfeit the full 50% deposit. For example, if the total visit was $300 and the client paid a $150 deposit to hold the spot, Sarah the Sitter will retain the $150 deposit in full. Thank you for supporting and being understanding of the challenges of running a small business with limited capacity. We truly appreciate your business! Sarah Chahy Sarah The Sitter, LLC, Owner
  • Do you do an introductory visit/meet & greet?
    Yes, of course! Once we decided that service is needed we will schedule a complimentary 30 minute meet & greet at your home so I can meet your pets, get the lay of the land, gather last minute information, and discuss any questions you may have.
  • What type of database/app do you use?
    We use Time To Pet as our client database! It is 'trusted by over 3,000 of the world's most successful pet sitting and dog walking companies' and allows for secure and accurate, up to date storage of your personal information as well as your pet(s)' vital information. It can be updated by you, the client, at any point in time using either the app or the desktop portal. We absolutely love Time To Pet!
  • Are you bonded & insured?
    Yes, I am bonded & insured through Pet Sitters Associates, LLC.
  • Do you collaborate with other local pet sitters?
    Absolutely! Being a small business owner in a profession that can feel slightly solitary at times, it is absolutely vital that I connect with and collaborate with others in my profession. I love and welcome all opportunities to meet and refer out to other pet sitters who provide the same level and standard of care that I provide in the event that I am unavailable for service. In 2023 I started a Cleveland Pet Care Community Night and invited numerous people within the Cleveland area who service our pet care community. The invite was open to everyone from pet sitters to dog walkers to boarding facilities to groomers to dog trainers to pet photographers, to those working in pet stores, etc. We had an amazing turnout and everyone loved getting together to chat, relax, network and share best practices. This has now turned into a substantial gathering every 6 months and I'm so proud of the community engagement and support. I always recommend that my clients have at least one backup pet sitter in the event that I am traveling or otherwise unavailable. Please let me know if you need a list of other pet sitters that come highly recommended. We collaborate often and even tag team visits at times, which can be really fun!
  • Are you a member of professional pet sitting/house sitting organizations?
    Yes, I am a proud member of Pet Sitters International and am also a member of TrustedHousesitters.
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