FAQs & Policies

What services do you provide?

Check out our services & pricing on our 'Services' page!

Are you bonded & insured?

Yes, I am bonded & insured through Pet Sitters Associates, LLC.

Are you a member of professional pet sitting/house sitting organizations?

Yes, I am a proud member of Pet Sitters International and am also a member of TrustedHousesitters.

What cities fall within your service area?

Lakewood, Rocky River, Gordon Square, Ohio city, Tremont, and other areas depending on availability & drive time. Clients outside of my service zone will be charged an extra drive time fee depending on the distance.

What are your hours of operation?

I am available 7 days a week! Please contact me to discuss your specific needs.

How much notice do you require to book an appointment?

I prefer at least 48 hours notice, if possible, however I understand that life happens and things come up! With that in mind and depending on my availability, I may be available for same day or emergency appointments. Of note, there may be an extra charge for last minute bookings.

What are your service prices?

In my experience, everyone's pet care/house care situations and needs are unique, from dog walks to cat cuddles to feedings to brushing to transport to overnight stays to house sitting, to the number of pets within each household, etc. Some standard prices are listed on my Services page, however if you are in need of some of my other services (i.e. Overnight Visits or Adventure Time Visits), due to this variety in service, I have found that it makes the most sense to chat directly with you regarding your specific needs and then we will come up with a care plan and a quote for service.

What types of pets do you care for?

I'm most accustomed to caring for domesticated pets such as dogs, cats, & small household pets (i.e. birds, bunnies, hamsters, etc.), however I am open to caring for a variety of pets. If you have an animal that falls outside of this scope, please feel free to reach out and we can discuss your specific needs to see if a partnership would be a good fit.

Why should you chose an in-home pet sitter/house sitter?

Dorothy said it best, 'There’s no place like home!' Boarding facilities and doggy daycares are wonderful in their own way and definitely provide a much needed service, but we can probably all agree that there is nothing quite like curling up in your own bed (or on your owner’s couch or bed!), playing in your own backyard, and being surrounded by the creature comforts of your own home - especially when your humans are away! Having an in-home pet sitter or house sitter also provides peace of mind, knowing that someone is at your home, checking in on the little things while you’re away - grabbing the mail so it doesn’t pile up, watering the plants so they don't keel over, keeping an eye on the house in general so it doesn't fall down, and, of course, ensuring your pet is having the best, safest, most comfortable time possible while you're away.

Who is Sarah The Sitter, LLC?

Hi! I'm Sarah - a native Clevelander and local Lakewoodite. I've always been a huge animal lover, growing up with Sandy, our beautiful golden retriever rescue, as well as fish, toads, hermit crabs and anything else my poor mother would allow me to keep in the house. I started volunteering as a cat companion and dog walker at Berea Animal Rescue in 2006 and began pet sitting, dog walking and house sitting for friends and neighbors in 2016. I decided to make my business official in 2019 and am enjoying meeting and sitting for numerous new clients around Lakewood, Rocky River, Gordon Square, Ohio City & Tremont. I am also a frequent international traveler and have joined TrustedHousesitters so that I can provide pet sitting/house sitting services while traveling abroad. I look forward to meeting you and your beautiful pets!

Do you do an introductory visit/meet & greet?

Yes, of course! Once we decided that service is needed we will schedule a complimentary 30 minute meet & greet at your home so I can meet your pets, get the lay of the land, gather last minute information, and discuss any questions you may have.

What is your cancellation policy?

To cancel walk visits & pop in visits, please notify me in writing (via email or text) at least 48 hours prior to scheduled services and a full refund will be provided. If cancellation isn't sent in writing at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled service, then the total visit fee will be charged. For larger vacation visits/overnight visits (booked for longer than 3 days continuously), a 50% deposit is due at the time of booking to hold your spot. If you need to cancel or rearrange your visit dates, please provide as much notice as possible so that I can reschedule those dates and times - preferably two weeks notice. I understand emergencies happen last minute, however these longer vacation visits are scheduled far in advance which means I turn down other clients in the meantime, so once the deposit has been paid I am holding those dates and times specifically for you and your pet. Thank you for being amazing clients and understanding the challenges of being a small business! *Sarah The Sitter, LLC reserves the right to waive or adjust this clause on a case by case basis.

Do you charge extra for holiday visits?

Due to high demand during these times, a $10 holiday fee is applied to each visit. Holidays include: Thanksgiving Day Christmas Eve Christmas Day New Years Eve New Years Day Easter Day Fourt of July Labor Day Memorial Day

How do you handle key pickup/drop off?

Technology is amazing and, these days, most of my clients have keyless entry (a keypad or some type of code) to enter their homes so there is no need for me to handle keys in this situation. For clients who still have keyed entry, some utilize a secure lockbox outside their home and simply provide me with the code to access the contained key. This is the best option as the key stays at the location. For clients who do not choose to utilize a secure lockbox, I will offer a key pickup/drop off and will keep the key for the duration of the visit (for example - some apartments utilize a magnetic key fob so I will keep the fob the entirety of the visit and then return it when the visit ends). If you need me to pick up and drop off the key, there will be an $8.00 charge for each pick up and drop off.

Do you collaborate with other local pet sitters?

Absolutely! Being a small business owner in a profession that can feel slightly solitary at times, it is absolutely vital that I connect with and collaborate with others in my profession. I love and welcome all opportunities to meet and refer out to other pet sitters who provide the same level and standard of care that I provide in the event that I am unavailable for service. I always recommend that my clients have at least one backup pet sitter in the event that I am traveling or otherwise unavailable. Please let me know if you need a list of other pet sitters that come highly recommended. We collaborate often and even tag team visits at times, which can be really fun!